Cloud Transformation

Accelerate your cloud transformation journey with Queensoft's risk reduction, cost optimization, and data governance solutions. Drive cloud adoption at scale with trusted insights.


Welcome to Queensoft, your trusted partner for seamless cloud transformation. As business needs evolve rapidly, enterprises are moving to the cloud to keep pace with change and innovate at speed. Queensoft accelerates cloud transformation by reducing risks, improving cloud-cost optimization, and simplifying cloud-data governance. Get trusted insights into usage to drive cloud adoption at scale

Cloud-Enabled Data Catalog

Accelerate Time to Market with a Cloud-Enabled Data Catalog

-Proactively Manage Risks
-Accelerate Time to Market
-Data Strategy Drives Cloud Strategy
-Deep Impact Analysis
-Actively Govern Cloud Data

Cultivate data literacy with a unified view of enterprise data and key context. Ensure compliance and gain a competitive edge with top-rated data governance

Queensoft's Approach to Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation solutions include

-Data strategy and planning
-Hybrid, multi-cloud data strategies
-Risk mitigation and optimization
-Governance capabilities and data protection
-Performance management

Queensoft supports your cloud transformation journey by providing a single view of enterprise data across any location, minimizing the risk of cloud migration while minimizing disruption to data consumers

Cloud Data Migration

Queensoft's data catalog accelerates cloud data migration strategies through

-Deep impact analysis of users and processes
-Effective change management
-Usage analysis for data selection
-Reducing risks and costs of cloud migration

Extend your insights to the cloud with easy cloud data migration and drive rapid cloud adoption

Queensoft’s data catalog provides a holistic view of data lineage, enabling impact analysis on the data sources involved in cloud migration. This analysis helps you better understand the effects of cloud migration on users, processes, and analytical applications to support planning and mitigate risks.

Ready to Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation Journey?

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